A good manager, like a good NHL coach, knows when to pull the goalie

Whichever team wins the Stanley Cup this spring, this will be true of its head coach: he will previously have been fired as an NHL head coach. All eight teams in the second round of the post-season were being led by a man who previously had been shown the door … Read More

Most NHL Players Peak by 29

Bad news for most NHLers—you have a very short time to make your mark. A new study out of UBC, set to be published in the Journal of Quantitative Analysis of Sports, has found that performance peaks for forwards between twenty-seven and twenty-eight, defensemen peak between twenty-eight and twenty-nine, and … Read More

The Dark Jersey Penalty

Wear a dark coloured jersey and get ready to reap more penalty minutes, according to a new study. Published in Social Psychological & Personality Science, researchers found that hockey teams wearing dark jerseys were more likely to be penalized. Researchers analysed 50,000 NHL games over a quarter of a century. … Read More

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