Greg Oden as a Benchwarmer, and More

Teaching Greg Oden How to Be a Benchwarmer Grantland

“Whatever the case, seeing a personal friend who was drafted no. 1 overall riding the bench for what could end up being one of the great NBA dynasties is perfect for so many reasons. I mean, this is the guy who once made fun of me for being nervous before a college game by saying, “What do you have to be nervous about? I’m the one who has to actually do something today.””

How to Trick the Guilty and Gullible into Revealing Themselves The Wall Street Journal

“Consider one of the most basic business transactions: hiring. This consumes a lot of time and money, especially in industries where workers come and go. So wouldn’t it be great to find some quick, clever, cheap way of weeding out bad employees before they are hired?”

Why Militaries Mess Up So OftenBloomberg

“That means that the people who advance in a peacetime army are, unfortunately, not necessarily the same people you want around when the shooting breaks out. Virtually every major war I can think of has had a few well publicized firings early on of senior people who had done very well in the peacetime army but turned out not to be ready to lead their men into a fight.”

All the Western companies you’d have to combine to get something like AlibabaQuartz

“Alibaba, which filed for its IPO on May 6, isn’t just the “Amazon of China”—it’s also the Dropbox, PayPal, Uber, Hulu, ING Direct, and more. Though Google has its fingers in a similarly high volume of pies, its enterprises, unlike Alibaba’s, are exclusively digital.”

Boko Haram’ doesn’t really mean ‘Western education is a sin’Security Watch

“Let’s go back to the British colonialists in northern Nigeria. In their aggressive push for modern secular schooling – and the resistance from Muslims – lies the spark for Boko Haram’s murderous rampages against “Western” education.”

Here’s What $800 in Rent Gets You in 11 Major CitiesPolicy Mic

“Rent and utilities are considered “affordable” if they take up no more than 30% of a household’s income. Average rent payments have grown to a whopping 47% of people’s income in Los Angeles, 43.2% in Miami, 40.7% in San Francisco and 39.5% in New York City. It goes without saying that the middle class is being squeezed, but people pay less attention to the working class and young people.”

Life Inside the New Minimum Wage EconomyThe Nation

“One coworker got fired for stealing employee lunches out of the break room fridge. He apologized to us as security marched him out, saying he was just hungry and couldn’t always afford three meals. I heard that when he missed his rent payments he’d been sleeping in his car in the store parking lot. He didn’t shower much and now I knew why. Another guy, whose only task was to rodeo up stray carts in the parking lot, would entertain us after work by putting his cigarette out on his naked heel. The guys who came in to clean up the toilets got up each morning knowing that was what they would do with another of the days in their lives.”

Photo courtesy of Musgo Dumio_Momio


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