Whatever Happened to George Zimmerman, and More

Zimmerman Family Values – GQ “Soon after George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin more than two years ago, George’s loyal family learned that sharing his name meant sharing the blame. It also meant a surreal new life filled with constant paranoia, get- rich-quick schemes, and lots and lots of … Read More

Toronto’s Terrible Traffic, and More

Gridlocked: how incompetence, pandering and baffling inertia have kept Toronto stuck in traffic – Toronto Life “Gridlock is the lightning-rod issue of this mayoral race, with candidates sparring over which transportation fix—underground subways, surface subways, LRT, more buses, more bike lanes, no bike lanes, more speed bumps, no speed bumps—is … Read More

Why Men Still Pay For First Dates, and More

It’s 2014: Why Are Men Still Paying for First Dates? – The Atlantic “The company’s survey indicates that, in the early stages of courting, the pressure to pay falls primarily on men, but this imbalance hardly dissolves as the relationship progresses. Fifty-six percent of men foot the bill in full … Read More

The Overload of Public Information, and More

The Worst Kind of Information – Medium “It takes a certain kind of brain to appreciate the emptiness of public information. Most of us are too earnest, which is to say most people are better adapted to the time in which they evolved. Most of us have stone-age brains. We … Read More

Giving Up the Internet for a Year, and More

Reboot or Die Trying – Outside “A star political blogger for Grist.org, David Roberts spent so much time posting and Tweeting and staring at screens that he almost went nuts. So he pulled the plug for a year, restarting his relationship with technology and actively seeking health, balance, and adventure … Read More

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