How to Be a DJ, Part 2

Last month we gave you a primer on how to DJ without lugging crates of records around. Of course, if you want to learn to do it old school – by spinning and synching vinyl records or CDs – there are several academies of spinology in the city. Try these two.

Off Centre DJ School at Queen and Broadview offers private and group lessons on the basics of turntable mixing, including scratching. There’s a four-week beginner course and a six-week advanced one. You’ll be taught by people with names like DJ Steptone and Professor Fingers. They also have monthly “Open Scratch” sessions. 416-704-1941.

If you can tear yourself away from downtown, the Scratch Lab DJ Institute (out next to the Downsview Airport) is an even larger enterprise – a 2,500 square foot studio complex – with a variety of class level and courses. These are all pretty intense too – classes are 70 minutes long and some of the programs last 12 weeks. 416-727-2824.

If you get good enough there still may be enough time to compete in the Toronto DJ Festival next month.

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