Independent Jewellers in Calgary

Investing in a stunning piece of jewellery is never as simple as throwing down dough on the sparkle and the shine. You have to analyze the history and composition of each precious metal or stone — or at the very least purchase it from a jeweller versed in such details. Yes, like the products they sell, clarity is an important quality in a jeweller. These independent Calgary craftsmen are renowned for giving customers the straight goods.

Calgary Jewellery – Designs by Bernard
Bernard Florence designs incredible cufflinks, timepieces, rings and collectibles at this family-owned Calgary business, established in 1955. He’s also responsible for importing stylish, luxury brands from all over the world, and his team of expert jewellers is known for patience when assisting curious buyers. Calgary Jewellery additionally shines by giving back to the community through several charitable efforts. 1201 17 Ave. S.W.

Gold Craft Jewellery Limited
Certified master goldsmith Adam Koscianski opened Gold Craft with his wife Barbara in 1996. Prior to that, Koscianski had been studying gold craft for nearly 20 years, mostly in his native Europe. Gold Craft is one of the few shops in Calgary that does all repairs in-house, and the jeweller’s dedication to building strong one-on-one customer relationships (Koscianski himself is likely to greet you) makes it a top choice for custom gold work and service in the city. 432 1851 Sirocco Dr. S.W.

Breslauer & Warren
Specializing in Canadian diamonds, Breslauer & Warren has been a strong name in the Canuck jewellery market for nearly a century — opening in 1919 in Winnipeg before establishing its presence in Calgary in 1979. B&W’s historic Lougheed Building location is an exceptional choice when shopping for a diamond engagement ring, and the retailer’s deep Calgary roots assure lasting security on these important purchases. 141 6 Ave. S.W.

J. Vair Anderson Jewellers
Buying a unique diamond or coloured stone piece crafted by J. Vair Anderson will score you points in the girlfriend or wife department; but the jeweller’s showroom (filled with magnificent Rolex, Omega, Chopard and Tissot watches) is where the Calgary man goes when it’s time to ice that wrist like a platinum-selling rapper. It’s comforting to know from the first time you strap on that stunning timepiece, Anderson has you covered — the jeweller employs two certified watch technicians (one a certified Rolex tech) to carry out a litany of in-house watch repairs.

Image courtesy of Kris Talikowski.

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