Interview with Tasha Chiu

Woman broadcasters. We love them. They’re almost always smart, beautiful, and fiery. In keeping with the XY Canada tradition of admiring these lovely ladies, we talked to Citytv’s Tasha Chiu about what makes her so smokingly great. She didn’t know this at the time of course… but her answers have confirmed our suspicions.

XYVR: How did you end up in your current gig?

Tasha: I won a contest: Citytv’s Search for a Fastracks Snow Reporter. I wanted to snowboard for free – you got a season’s pass if you got the gig. In a bid to achieve full ski-bum status, I moved to Whistler where I ended up on-air for The Vibe Outside while serving tables at Earl’s (I had to pay the rent somehow). Back in Vancouver, I hosted and produced The Express for Shaw TV. Then I got the call to return to Citytv as the “Live Eye Host” on Breakfast Television. Just last season I got to join the Canucks PPV broadcast team. Being a huge Canucks fan, it was a no-brainer.

XYVR: What do you like most about your job?

Tasha: It’s definitely not boring. One day I’m repelling off a 20-story building, the next I’m making perogies and cabbage rolls for Ukrainian New Year.

XYVR: Best thing about living and working in Vancouver?
Tasha: The mountains, the ocean, and the fabulous selection of restaurants.

XYVR: The worst?
Tasha: The rain. I might have grown up on the North Shore but like everyone else I get antsy and grumpy if I don’t see the sun every couple of days.

XYVR: Who was the first boy you ever kissed?
Tasha: Nik, during a game of Spin the Bottle at his sixth grade birthday party. We already had a crush on each other so it was the perfect first kiss.

XYVR: What qualities do you look for in a man?
Tasha: A sense of humour (if the guy can make me pee my pants, he’s won my heart). The old cliché.
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