Last Chance for Valentine’s Day Romance

Yes, Valentine’s Day is ridiculous. (Where’s the spontaneity?) But most women expect you to do something special. Accept these inconsistent facts, and you’ll be okay.

And of course you haven’t even thought about Valentines’ Day yet. (Ah, there’s the spontaneity!) Enjoy these last-minute gift reco’s, and you’ll still be okay.

Simone Marie Belgian Chocolate store is a bit pink for most guys, but the name on the packaging is ideal for those hoping to put the O! in romance.

For less frilly atmosphere, visit Soma Chocolatemaker in the Distillery District. Consider their collection of truffles and pralines and their exquisite hot chocolate, superpowered by chili peppers. (Not quite as good as Johny Banana at Bathurst and Queen, but the JB cup just doesn’t quite say I love you.)Laura Secord is only fine for the gent looking to be dumped.

Watch for next week’s story on where to score cheap flowers. For now, don’t risk it. Instead, call the Rose Emporium on Dupont near Spadina for an OMG-you’re-so-getting-lucky-tonight reaction. As the name suggests, these guys do one thing, and they do it well. Supposedly, even if you order tomorrow, they’ll arrive tomorrow. Order now: (416) 922-9909.

Tell her you’ve signed the two of you up for Swedish Massage lessons at Vikaspa (XY members receive a discount) on Avenue Road near Bloor: (416) 929-5509. They’ll teach you the right way to rub, relax and revive her.
And that’s knowledge you can use any time, for romance that’s not annually scheduled.

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