Montreal Mama’s Boy

Picking out the perfect Mother’s Day gift can, and should, be a daunting task — you’re always scrambling to outdo siblings, best last year’s card, and ensure Mom’s hard work does not go unnoticed. If you’re still drawing a blank, here are our tips for Mother’s Day in Montreal.

Good Morning
Heralded as one of the city’s top brunch spots, Sparrow will be sure to impress Ma regardless of how picky she is. With an ambiance that’s hip and lively yet also friendly and easygoing, the prix fixe menu ($18) lets you spend less time mulling over your meals and more time making up for the previous 364 days. 5322 St-Laurent Blvd., 514-507-1642

Go Out and Play
The Lachine Canal is a 15km stretch of park consisting of cycling trails, boat rentals, and green space ideal for picnicking. Whether mom is looking to relax or get active in the outdoors, setting up along the Canal is the best way to spend the afternoon. Nearby Atwater Market can supply the bread, cheese and wine.

Eat Your Dinner
Translating literally to “fifth sin” (gluttony), Food at Cinquième Péché is as wicked as the name suggests. Revel at the intersection of traditional French cuisine and contemporary dining experience as you tuck into the duck breast with French toast, mushrooms and chestnuts ($29). Reservations a must. 4475 St-Denis St., 514-286-0123

Listen Up
Beyond flowers, beyond truffles, tickets to the orchestra say a lot to a mother — notably, that her baby boy has grown up into a man, successful and refined. Even if that’s a bit of a stretch, the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal always delights your ears with a dynamic listening experience. Not only are their performances amazing, but the tickets signify your appreciation for the finer things in life (namely, her). 1-888-842-9951

Image courtesy of Humanoide.

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