For the next three days the city will be an oasis of excess with thousands of people partying on the streets downtown. Known for the elaborate outfits of the drag queens (and kings), the topless women (and men), and an endless flow of alcohol, this annual event has become one of the biggest in the city. Though it’s no longer referred to as “Gay Pride”, with the word “gay” being dropped a few years back.

Pride has now become a party for the whole city, whatever sexual orientation or gender you identify with. (In fact many gay and lesbian individuals feel Pride has lost its focus on bringing awareness to gay rights.) With large corporations eager for a piece of the gay dollar and a coveted spot in the parade, the mainstream acceptance has never been stronger. That means entertainment throughout the weekend to appeal to both gay and straight, male and female.

Which is why you should consider suicide blonde rocker Priya Thomas. She’s performing at Pride this year and states, “I don’t entirely fit the construct of a feminine female. I kind of skirt around with bits of feminine and bits of masculine both musically and in performance.” This Montreal native has had three CD releases, and has toured internationally with the likes of John Cale, The Fall, Radiohead and Sam Philips.

Her kamikaze-punk, take-no-prisoners performances have captured the attention of media worldwide and she’s very excited to have the opportunity to perform to audiences in her own country. She promises the show will be “without regret or reservation as if it’s the last thing we’ll ever do. Geronimo style – I’d like to think that fits especially well for Pride Day.” Alterna-Queer Stage, June 24th, 10PM, 12 Alexander Street.

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