Men’s Undergarments Do’s and Don’ts

Gentleman’s undergarments can be sexy, but more importantly, they can be unsexy. Here’s one woman’s list of do’s and don’ts. Thongs. Please. Just don’t. It isn’t masculine, and it basically takes somebody with the body of a Greek god to pull it off. Even bikini-cut underwear is pushing it. Those types of underwear are all about emphasizing your package. We

Bud Camp

Summer winding down? Not for several hundred randy 20-something year old males off to Bud Camp. If you missed the TV spots (think Meatballs updated), Bud Camp is an annual promotion for Budweiser. Hundreds of lucky guys will be spending this weekend at a camp near Ottawa in the company of the Bud Camp Girls. Apparently, several thousand women auditioned


For the next three days the city will be an oasis of excess with thousands of people partying on the streets downtown. Known for the elaborate outfits of the drag queens (and kings), the topless women (and men), and an endless flow of alcohol, this annual event has become one of the biggest in the city. Though it’s no longer

The Girl on Girl Dance

Any guy (XY) who has ever been to a nightclub has certainly witnessed the spectacle of two girls (XX) getting dirty on the dance floor. Let’s call it The 4X Dance. Two women grinding on each other, getting in touch with their (alleged) inner lesbian. Titillating, perhaps scandalous, this is the stuff male fantasies are made of. But are they

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