Sex Cult Star Allison Mack Weds Canadian ‘Slave’/Actress Nicki Clyne

Sex cult leader and former Smallville actress Allison Mack allegedly married former actress and fellow cult member Nicki Clyne to keep the Canadian in the United States, according to a source.
NXIVM leader Keith Raniere and Mack, who is second in command of the organization, have been arrested for sex trafficking, conspiracy to commit forced labour, and other charges.

Earlier this month, an insider told ArtVoice that Clyne, who appeared on several seasons of Battlestar Galactica, was struggling to meet the criteria for a visa, and a fake marriage was the solution. “Women from Mexico, US, the U.K. and Canada played this game,” the source revealed. “Marry someone when your visitor or work visa runs out! And Nicki had an O-1 visa as a Canadian. That means she was bringing worth to the US entertainment economy.”A woman named India Oxenberg (daughter of Dynasty star, Catherine Oxenberg) reportedly witnessed the nuptials. Mack, Clyne, and Oxenberg all lived together near Albany, N.Y., the location of NXIVM’s headquarters. Raniere resided nearby with two other women.

Clyne, 35, starred on BSG from 2003-2008. She was reportedly recruited by NXIVM around 2006 in Vancouver where the show was primarily filmed. Clyne regularly flew to Albany to take courses with Raniere, who persuaded her to quit acting. Her character, Cally Henderson Tyro, was killed off by producers after she asked to be released from her contract.

Clyne then moved to Albany where she was hired by one of Raniere’s subgroups and paid $15 an hour. She also became one of his sex slaves. Like Mack and Oxenberg, Clyne was branded on her pubic region with Raniere’s initials.

She reportedly married Mack to stay in the United States, not because the pair had a romantic relationship. Clyne had a pivotal role in the sex cult and may also face federal charges.
If convicted, Raniere and Mack face a minimum of 15 years in prison.

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