SPONSORED American Express Launches “Room For Thought” Campaign

Room for Thought is brought to you by American Express.

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” It took a light bulb — which is to say, a bright idea — to invent a light bulb. But the bright idea in Canada in 2011 doesn’t belong to Thomas Edison. It’s yours.

American Express Canada’s Room For Thought campaign starts with you, and your unique vision for an inspired interactive urban environment. It all begins this month, August 2nd 2011, on the American Express Canada Facebook page (where you can also find more details, and registration information). You can also check out this YouTube video for more information on the program. The campaign is open to all Canadians, and three lucky winners will see their vision brought to life.

In case your wheels are already turning, let me bring you up to speed. Submissions must fall under one of three categories: Community, Travel and Adventure or Music. That’s the foundation. What you build with it is up to you.

Sound like a big opportunity? It is. But don’t sweat it. You’re only on your own for that one percent — because, for the other ninety-nine, you’ll have some help that’s as inspiring as your vision.

The winner in each category will be paired with relevant mentors: philanthropists Craig and Marc Kielburger (Community), Survivorman star Les Stroud (Adventure/Travel) and Metric’s Emily Haines (Music). Winners will work with their mentor to bring their idea to life in a physical space in downtown Toronto . The process will be documented in a series of short films, available for public viewing on Facebook and YouTube.

After the completion of all the hard but totally awesome work, the ideas will be unveiled at the Toronto’s Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, in November 2011. Each idea will be displayed for three days, and the event will be open to the public.

How does the selection process work? Simple. After sending in your submission, it will be reviewed by American Express Canada and the respective mentors, after which entries will be narrowed down to three per category. The public will then choose the winners by casting their votes on Facebook.

Whether your vision involves giving back, globetrotting or g-chords, here is your chance to take something you’re passionate about and really run with it. So get your figurative feet moving, get on to the American Express Canada Facebook page, and get your vision checked out. The future is you, and the future is now.

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