SPONSORED Music’s Greatest Wingmen

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Our series on history’s greatest wingmen continues with a look at music. From rock to rap, no front man is an island, and though not all wingman-front man relationships have been peaceful, even (or especially) the tempestuous ones have yielded some epic tunes.

Simon and Garfunkel: Art Garfunkel to Paul Simon
In this tense but wildly successful partnership, Garfunkel lent his high tenor to Simon’s deftly crafted lyrics. What would “Bridge over Troubled Water” be without him? But Garfunkel’s mediocre extracurricular activities — as a solo artist, and as an actor (remember Good to Go? Neither do we) — help make Simon look even better. Of course, Simon releasing the groundbreaking ’80s album Graceland didn’t hurt much, either.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince: Jeffrey Townes to Will Smith
Long before Jazz was getting drop-kicked by Uncle Phil, he was at Will’s real-life right hand: The childhood buds won the first ever Grammy for rap, producing a handful of gold records through the late ’80s. Of course, during their stint in Bel Air, Jazz always stepped it up, helping Will throw wild parties, and even impersonating a priest to help Will score a god-loving girlfriend.

The Rolling Stones: Keith Richards to Mick Jagger
Ups and downs are an inevitable byproduct of the fellas’ rock ’n’ roll lifestyles, and these guys have had their share. But ultimately, Richards just makes Jagger look good — and not only because his ravaged visage makes Jagger seem positively boyish. The guys, who went to grade school together, have collaborated on nearly every Stones track of note. Without Richards, there could be no Jagger.

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Thank you to all those others who submitted suggestions. Honourable mentions go to readers Emily Stover, Rupert Santos and Eric Ho, all of whom suggested Jazz and Will.

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