Dining with Personal Gourmet

Recently launched in the GTA, Personal Gourmet is nutrition and wellness expert Rose Reisman’s pre-prepared, frozen meal delivery service. As the name suggests, Reisman’s brand promises high quality ingredients, without preservatives or chemicals. Dishes cost approx. $7-$10, and are ordered through a virtual supermarket complete with pictures. They are offered in … Read More

The Urban Mobile Office, Toronto

The rise of the urban mobile office has made finding that perfect spot to park one’s laptop something of an art. In Toronto, though cafés abound and even your butcher gives out Wi-Fi like candy, discovering a workspace that offers a sweet blend of ambience, aesthetics and quality coffee — … Read More

SPONSORED Music’s Greatest Wingmen

An editorial series sponsored by Pizza Hut Wingstreet. Our series on history’s greatest wingmen continues with a look at music. From rock to rap, no front man is an island, and though not all wingman-front man relationships have been peaceful, even (or especially) the tempestuous ones have yielded some epic … Read More

SPONSORED Film’s Best Wingmen

An editorial series sponsored by Pizza Hut Wingstreet. Last week, we kicked off our series on history’s greatest wingmen with a look at some standouts from TV. This week, we turn to the big screen. All due respect, Goose and Maverick, but y’all didn’t make the cut. Star Trek: Mr. … Read More

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