Surviving Christmas

Feeling like a Grinch? Or at least a little less invested in the holiday festivities?

Don’t fret, the holiday season seems to bring out a strange range of emotions in most people. I like to believe it is all the cold weather keeping your spirits a little less jolly. Like most men you have a bunch to do over the next few weeks prepping for Santa to make his way across the country. I have a few ideas to help you survive the Christmas season without downing eggnog to ease the pain.

Problem: Braving the Malls

Probably the most stressful part of Christmas doesn’t even take place on Christmas day, it’s the shopping. Unless you love long line ups, lack of parking spots, and limited amount of merchandise, the mall is not in your favour this season. Nothing makes Christmas more stressful than hunting for the specific pair of earrings you’re significant other has been hinting at all year, never mind the rest of the gifts you need to find for your extended family.

The Fix: The Internet

How appealing does shopping in your boxers sound?

Explore the idea of online shopping. It saves you all the stress and repetitive Christmas music blaring on the speakers as you wait in lines. With cyber specials found all over the internet, you will be able to order everything your friends and family could dream and you may even hit a few cheaper prices in the process.

Problem: The Christmas Feast

Hosting a Christmas party or family dinner can be a extra cause of stress you didn’t expect. I know it probably sounded like a great idea when you decided to invite everyone over to celebrate, but all it did was add extra stress to your to do list. Prepping a turkey or vegetarian dish for a large number of family and friends can drive a person crazy. You have to consider everything involved such as decorations, side dishes, and of course the staple of Christmas, the deserts.

The Fix: Shortcuts

You don’t need to spend hours baking pies and cookies. Purchase pre-baked deserts. I know it may sound like a total cop out, but it can save you some time. Catering companies are also a great way to ease the stress of keeping your guests fed, you can focus on being a charming host and enjoy the night.

The Problem: Family and Friends

’Tis the season for large amounts of extended family visiting you for the holidays. Although you love them they are known to drive you absolutely crazy. You may just want to sleep in and ignore the holidays in general but instead you are forced to wear a itchy sweater your great aunt spent hours knitting specifically for you.

The Fix: TLC

The key to surviving the visiting family and friends seems to be finding time for yourself. Escaping for a few moments to catch up on a book or going for a late night drive is a way to keep sane this season.

If all else fails, eggnog is pretty easy to make and tastes fantastic.

Alexandra Stavroullakis is freelance writer and journalist. She enjoys music, fashion, movies and all things creative. She has a diploma in journalism from Niagara College and works as a part-time portrait photographer.

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