13 Fun Facts About Canadian Club Whisky

This American Independence day, we thought we’d celebrate with our south of the border brothers by discussing one of Canada’s most recognizable products, Canadian Club, and all the help Americans gave Canadian Club courtesy of one of their best ideas, Prohibition. Thanks, America! Militia Man Hiram Walker, founder of Canadian … Read More


How to Travel With a Woman For the First Time, Part 1: Before the Trip

Taking a trip with a romantic partner is a huge milestone in a relationship. Vacationing together is an opportunity for you to learn way more about each other than you even thought possible: you’ll learn more about each other’s idiosyncrasies, how you both handle stress, and how well you compromise … Read More

Bookshelf: Wild Gourmet

What is the most organic, most local, most seasonal way to acquire protein? Easy answer: hunting and fishing. Hobby, sport, or way of life, nothing quite beats earning your meal out in nature. Of course, making a meal out of a freshly shot deer is a tad different than picking … Read More

Unibroue chocolate fondue

Unibroue Chocolate Fondue

What’s the most romantic and hassle-free desert you can whip up this Valentine’s day? Two words: chocolate fondue. Now what’s even better than chocolate fondue but just as hassle-free? Six words: chocolate fondue with Unibroue’s Trois Pistoles. The beer adds a bit of spiciness and tartness to an otherwise very … Read More

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