The Artist Project Toronto

There comes a time in every man’s life when he must lose the Pulp Fiction poster and get some real artwork on the wall. Taking that leap can be daunting. But, thanks to the Artist Project Toronto, which runs this weekend, you can start with baby steps.

At The Artist Project Toronto, 150 painters, sculptors, mixed-media and video artists will sell their work directly to the public. The show is juried, which means that professionals have already vouched for the quality of the work, but there are no snooty gallery managers around to give you the stink eye. “It’s comfortable,” says Patti Stewart, VP of MMPI, the production company that runs the show (they also do the One of a Kind show). “It’s not an expert environment.”

The art is original, and quality, but it’s not as intimidating as a gallery. And there’s something at every price point.”

Admission to the show also includes access to some “art chats” that will help you navigate your purchase – whether it’s your first or tenth. Seminars include “What’s your art personality?”, led by style maven Mark Challen, and “Art in Our Time,” a talk and then tour of the exhibition space led by Betty Ann Jordan.

Or, skip the talks and go with your gut: With so many emerging artists showing, this is your chance to snag work by tomorrow’s art stars today.

Opening night preview party, Thursday, 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.; Friday – Sunday, from 11 a.m., Liberty Grand, 25 British Columbia Rd., $12

Graham F. Scott

Image by exhibitor Margaret Chwialkowska.

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