Bluetooth Headsets: Not Just for Douchebags Anymore!

It’s sad but true: Sometime in the past few years, the Bluetooth headset became a must-have accessory for douchebags everywhere. Sad, because the earpiece is actually a useful gadget, especially now that provinces across Canada are cracking down on drivers’ cell phone use. It’s time to give these headsets another look. Presenting the finest devices for your hands-free yapping pleasure.
BlueAnt’s V1 Voice Control is distinguished by its BlueGenie Voice User Interface technology; a soothing “genie” talks back to you when you dish out the commands. $99.95
BlueAnt’s V12 won’t talk to you; instead it has a side panel LCD display that provides caller ID info, a battery meter and volume indicator. There’s even a vibrate option for incoming calls. $139.99
Nokia’s BH-201, manufactured with 80 percent pre-consumer waste, or 90 percent post-consumer recycled plastic, is a solid green option. But far from hippy dippy, this piece offers a distinctly modern level of comfort and functionality. $39.95
Motorola’s Motopure H15 Universal Flip not only looks slick, but it’s also the best noise cancellation option available; ideal for a summer drive with the top down. $119.99
Sony/Ericsson’s HBH-PV740 offers crisp digital sound, a status display with power indicator and, of course, a car charger. $129.99
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