The Awkwardly Amusing Richard Young

Kali is the Hindu goddess of empowerment whose name comes from the word kāla, which has meanings including “black,” “time,” “death,” “lord of death” and “Shiva.” Kali is a goddess of time and change, sometimes depicted as dark and violent but also an annihilator of evil forces. Or so Wikipedia tells us.

Even though he’s no longer working under his Fake Indian Name, rising Canadian comedian Richard Young of Off2Kali Comedy (along with plenty of co-stars, including the talented/handsomer Huse Madhavji, who played a doctor on Global/ABC’s short-lived Combat Hospital) keeps us chuckling with his socially aware humour that riffs on awkward moments and what auditioning for TV shows is like with brown skin.

Here’s a few of our recent favourites:

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Now he’s just gotta do something about that name.

For more videos visit Off2Kali’s YouTube channel.

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