The Future of Funny in Toronto

The arrival of everything from Facebook to YouTube as comedic platforms has given rise to a new generation of comics making the most of the web, while also holding it down in real-life comedy clubs. Here, some of Toronto’s best and brightest.

Adam and Dave
These guys have been on the brink of super-stardom for so long now it seems like one of their own elaborate gags. Still, Adam Brodie and Dave Derewlany – who’ve appeared in various MuchMusic spots, on “The Jon Dore Television Show,” and some short films – aren’t yet household names. The Laugh Sabbath regulars and occasional Knock Knock (Who’s There?) members will only get bigger, however, thanks to their unparalleled ability to straight-face it through the most absurd situations.
Gag reel: A faux-educational video about “Introversional Non-Reactiveness.”

Kathleen Phillips
Kathleen Phillips is a master of affectations. The Ryerson grad was a founding member of Laugh Sabbath and is a regular in the family-friendly improv troupe Cow Over Moon, so she makes adults laugh like children – and vice versa. Need proof? Check out her series of bizarre animated shorts involving paper dolls and Barbies.
Gag reel: The YouTube short “School News,” featuring ultimate fighting and, uh, floor-pooping.

Iron Cobra
The alternative to Toronto’s alternative comedy scene, Iron Cobra (Graham Wagner and Becky Johnson) twists its boy-girl palavers into absurdly dramatic confessionals that blur the lines between improv, reality and prank. Having repeatedly won at Comedy Bar’s Catch23 improv competition, the pair now host their own show at the venue.
Gag reel: The endless and absurd conversation about the imminent demise of Iron Cobra.

Image courtesy of jm3 on flickr

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