Where to Fish in Toronto

Fishing within Toronto’s city limits may sound like a crocodiles-in-the-New-York-sewers kind of myth, but truth is, the GTA’s 50-odd waterways are positively, uh, swimming with fish. And get this: The Ministry of Natural Resources stocks more than 1.5 million fish every year, mostly within the Lake Ontario watershed. Open Waters … Read More

The Future of Funny in Toronto

The arrival of everything from Facebook to YouTube as comedic platforms has given rise to a new generation of comics making the most of the web, while also holding it down in real-life comedy clubs. Here, some of Toronto’s best and brightest. Adam and Dave These guys have been on … Read More

Leon Drexler: Toronto’s Bespoke Hat-Maker

Call it a changing of the fedoras: The very week that the legendary Rotman’s Hat Shop and Haberdashery officially shuttered its doors, Stephen Temkin delivered his first Leon Drexler hat. Toronto men with a taste for old-school fedoras, handmade from the finest materials, breathed a sigh of relief. “Every city … Read More

Comedy Clubs in Toronto, 2010

Seriously, folks. What’s the deal with stand-up comedy these days? The classic, Seinfeldian form isn’t the dominant comic force it once was. Now, Toronto’s alt-comedy scene offers an entirely different sort of humour, where meta-monologues and surrealist musicals are more common than punch lines. Here, the city’s best places to … Read More

The Wonderful World of Bourbon

If you really want to impress your poker pals, ditch the Scotch and get acquainted with a real man’s whiskey: bourbon. The sour mash spirit, which usually comprises two-thirds corn, must be made in the U.S. to be called bourbon; about 95 percent of it comes from Kentucky. Too often, … Read More

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