The Modern Man’s Best 7 Weekend Reads

The Allergy Buster – The New York Times
We’re living in the age of severe allergies; so severe, that for some kids, trace contaminants can kill. However, a radical new treatment regimen spearheaded by Dr. Kari Nadeau, aims to desensitize kids of their allergies, and it’s working.

Bringing Them Back to Life – National Geographic
Returning extinct species into the world of the living used to be science fiction, but it’s becoming ever-closer to reality. But is it a good idea?

The Miner’s Daughter – The New Yorker
Gina Rinehart is one of the world’s richest and most controversial women (here she is suggesting that Australians should be inspired by Africans who work for $2 a day). She’s at the helm of Australia’s mining boom, but she’s also buying up all the news media she can get her hands on, perhaps to silence criticism of her.

Why We Buy Too Much Stuff – Thought Catalogue
Is materialism the only game in town? How much longer can that last?

Climbing’s Little Helper – Outside
It took a few near-misses on some of the world’s highest peaks to notice, but the big new trend in mountaineering is to use performance-enhancing drugs.

A Sentence Worse than Death – Solitary Watch
William Blake murdered a deputy in 1987. He’s sentenced 77 years to life, and he’s spent that last 23 years in solitary confinement. In his award-winning essay, he describes what 23 hours a day, alone in a closet, does to a man’s mind.

Growing Up in the World’s Deadliest City – Buzzfeed
Between 2007 and now, the drug wars in Juárez have cost 10,000 lives. Thanks to a truce, the violence is gradually abetting, but a return to normality seems impossible.

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