The Modern Man’s Weekly Reading List

The Saudi Marathon ManThe New Yorker
Minutes after the bomb went off in Boston, a young Saudi man who had been running from the blast, along with many other spectators, was tackled to the ground and deemed a “suspect”; why?

Why Boston’s Hospitals Were ReadyThe New Yorker
Far from the scenes of chaos and confusion at the marathon, Boston’s hospitals and other emergency infrastructure were ready for large-scale disaster.

Sriracha Hot Sauce Purveyor Turns Up The HeatLA Times
Sriracha’s business has grown 20% annually without spending anything on marketing, ever.

Hunger Striking at Guantanamo BayThe New York Times
Samir Moqbel has been detained for eleven years, never charged with a crime, never received a trial, and is no longer considered a threat. Why, then, are people like him languishing in Guantanamo Bay?

Blood, Sweat, and Steel: My Afternoon with the Ace of SwordsCollector’s Weekly
Sword maker Francis Boyd’s collection includes items from 2,000 years ago.

Lost on EverestOutside
Fifty years ago, a team of American climbers mounted the first ascent of Mount Everest’s western ridge, but they didn’t do so without tragedy and national obsessing marring the achievement.

Scientific Explanations for Why Spoilers Are So HorribleThe Atlantic
Anticipation and suspension of disbelief are important factors for consuming fiction; spoilers ruin both.


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