The Modern Man’s Weekly Reading List

Out in the Great AloneGrantland

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race pits participants against the very ends of the world. In this multi-part Grantland story, one writer follows the deadly race from the air.

Find What You Love and Let It Kill YouThe Guardian

James Rhodes once had a white-collared job in the City, but he gave everything up, had no income for years, and suffered under the tutelage of an insane teacher in Verona to become a world-class concert pianist.

Chak de Goal! A New Wave of Hockey FansThe New York Times

Hockey is Canada’s game, and Canadians of all stripes are welcome at the rink. Thanks to the CBC’s Punjabi broadcast, even more fans get to join the national obsession.

The No-Limits JobThe New York Times

Entry-level jobs are disappearing, replaced by 20-something interns who are over-worked and under-paid.

After 25 Years in Jail, the Internet Blew My MindSalon

Michael Santos went to prison in the 1980’s. When he was released in 2012, accessing the internet was like culture shock.

What If We Never Run Out of Oil?The Atlantic

Exploration and new technology raises a daunting possibility: we might be a petroleum economy for the foreseeable future.

The Other Kind of MoneyballSlate

Over the past forty years, the salaries of baseball players have exploded, even while American’s incomes have not grown in real dollars at all.

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