5 Awesome Hair Salons for Men

When it comes to getting your hair cut there’s nothing like visiting an old fashioned barber shop. Something about the experience is decidedly manly and personal. But the men’s barber shop has been undergoing a revival lately. Those old-timey haircutters are going the way of the dinosaur and being replaced … Read More

Notes of Werner Herzog, CEO Pay, and Bourdain in the Congo

White Pride in My Classroom – Salon Face-to-face with a white supremacist, a professor of English The Sky-High Club – The New Yorker There’s little evidence that high CEO pay leads to better company performance, but compensation packages keep rising. Dribbling Man – Grantland Richard Swanson launched a quixotic quest … Read More

The Modern Man’s Weekly Reading List

Out in the Great Alone – Grantland The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race pits participants against the very ends of the world. In this multi-part Grantland story, one writer follows the deadly race from the air. Find What You Love and Let It Kill You – The Guardian James Rhodes … Read More

Sandy Hook Truthers

Remember that horrible school shooting? A bunch of crazy people think that it was a conspiracy by the US government. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to tell if the crazy people are just getting more attention, or if they’re actually becoming more numerous. [Meet the Sandy Hook truthers – Salon]

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