Toronto Policeman’s Bat Belt

This week, we indulge our inner geek. We suspect that every guy has wondered what’s on the policeman’s Bat Belt — all those black leather boxes and pouches must hide some pretty cool gadgetry, right? Well, in our quest to provide you with the most crucial information of the day, we caught up with Sergeant Tony Lawson of the Toronto Police Service (and former CFL player), who gave us the full list of standard belt equipment. Every day Sergeant Tony Lawson straps on to his belt:

– One .40 calibre Glock semi-automatic pistol, with14 rounds loaded

– Two extra magazines holding 14 rounds each

– One portable radio

– One flashlight

– One pair metal handcuffs

– One collapsible baton, called an Asp.

– One folding pocket knife

That’s the stuff on the front and sides. At the back are two more pouches, containing:

– A couple of pairs of latex surgical gloves (for the gross jobs)

– A surgical mouth protector for doing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation

Sorry, no grappling hooks, garottes or Tasers.

Now, two warnings:

1. Do not wear any hardwear on your belt unless you are actually Batman, or provably a police officer.

2. Do not ever attempt to impress a woman by listing what you have just learned.

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