The Beers of Summer

With the May long weekend here, we’re officially into Canada’s second season: Patio, when a young man’s fancy turns to searing animal flesh. When pretty much anything that at one point grew out of the ground or walked on four legs goes on the grill.

But you’ve probably noticed your beer drinking habits change when the sun is out and the temperature gets above parka. Here’s some advice for guys with a penchant for beer and barbecues (or, more simply, guys with a pulse).

Light Beer: Standing over the grill, gushing sweat? Try a beer that’s light and refreshing like a Corona or Sol, those Mexican lagers traditionally served with a section of lime. (Lime lets women know you’re worldly, yes, but also helps keep the beer from going skunky in the sunlight.) Mexico’s hot, so their lagers are light, refreshing and a real thirst quencher. There’s also less alcohol, so those extra mouthfuls you down to quench won’t leave you cross-eyed and facedown in the coleslaw. (A delicious domestic solution to becoming the party’s embarrassing sun-drunk is Upper Canada’s Point Nine.)

Heavy Beer: A hearty dark beer isn’t just for enjoying in winter. Some actually go great with grilled foods. (NB: a heavier beer isn’t necessarily stronger in alcohol content. Guinness, the foie gras burger n fries of Beerland, is a girly 4.2% alcohol).

Below are some suggestions of grilling favourites and beers to match.


Grilled Steak Brooklyn Lager, Sam Adams Boston Lager

Jerk Chicken/Pork Red Stripe, Pilsner Urquell, Steam Whistle

Grilled Sirloin Burgers, Sleeman India Pale Ale, Keith’s

Corn on the Cob, Corona/Sol, Erdinger, Bitburger

Braised Ribs Chimay, Orval, Maudite

Salmon Blanche de Chambly, Hoegaarden

Happy May 2-4!

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