Vancouver’s Festival of Guns

As the city descends into the ceaseless misery of winter, a guy needs to find ways of boosting the old serotonin. Sometimes that means taking a mid-November tropical vacay. But don’t forget about the epic and invigorating Indiefest here on your home turf: dust off the cowboy boots, dig out the CBGBs shirt and hit Vancouver’s annual celebration of the guitar gunslinger Festival of Guns for a rock vacation and a glowing amplifier tan. Here’s who to see:

The Manvils
This is a gig you won’t forget soon, a totally balls out, rock-gong show. The guitarist uses a broken table leg as a guitar slide. Nuts.

The Spitfires
Tried and true, the Spitfires have the fury of the Pistols with the swagger of Zeppelin. One of Vancouver’s most-loved live acts.

Hot Little Rocket
Take a rocket into the pop rock stratosphere with Hot Little Rocket’s infectious hook-laden guitar attack. They’re massive in Beijing – and those guys know how to rock.

Fake Shark Real Zombie

Spaz-rock in Excelsis. These local post-everything hipster heroes take the mash-up aesthetic to its logical conclusion and play every genre of rock they can think of. AT THE SAME TIME.

The Great Outdoors
By now you have a well-earned bangover and your earplugs have melted. Wind it all down with the down-home porch folk of The Great Outdoors. Goes down easy like a glass of Makers Mark.

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