Vancouver’s Most Dramatic Date Ideas

As the winter weather sets in and memories of evenings out on patios become distant and blurred, Vancouverites huddle indoors hiding from the rain. While you could spend the winter this way, why not instead take the time to take in a little culture? Local theatres, full of comedy and tragedy, are a perfect escape from not only the outdoors, but also the drama of our own lives (say no more). Here are a few date-worthy outings for this season (as always, bonus points if you splurge for the tickets).

Cirque de Soleil Amaluna
This spectacular show promises one of the most impressive stages and costume sets for Cirque yet; completely immersing attendees in the environment. Opening November 23rd, this piece is set on an enchanted island and follows a group of young men in the wake of a storm. Love is put to the test as the Queen directs her daughter’s coming-of-age ceremony. Consider the romantic mood set. Opens Nov. 23

Brent Butt
Make an evening out of stand-up comedy with Canadian comic icon, Brent Butt (Corner Gas and, perhaps, Hiccups). Start with dinner at the River Rock Casino, catch the show and try your luck after. There hotel awaits should you score big. Nov. 23

Santaland Diaries
Get into the holiday spirit with the wicked tale of an elf at Macy’s Santaland, subtitled “True Confessions of an Elf.” The mischievous elf works his way up from “Vomit Corner Elf” to “Water Cooler Elf” and, finally, “Cash Register Elf,” while sharing hilarity along the way. Nov. 22 – Dec. 22

For something a little more alternative, go to East Vancouver’s Cultch for this piece of physical theatre billed as “reminiscent of early silent films by Charlie Chaplin”. Part projected film and part live performance, this adventure won’t leave you with many awkward silences to fill on the way out. Dec. 4 – 15

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