Kelowna for Cool People

Calgarians may be familiar with B.C.s interior for its abundance of wineries and houseboating on the Shuswaps, but don’t forget about Kelowna. This little city nestled in the heart of wine country on the edge of Lake Okanagan has a lot going for it. Next time you’re angling for a weekend getaway, take a few extra hours off work and make the trek. You won’t regret it.

Aside from more favourable fall/winter weather than you’ll find in most of Alberta, the city has some pretty cool things going on. In addition to your standard winery tours (which you should go on, just now not now), here are four great places to check out the next time you find yourself in this neck of the woods.

Cherry Hill Coffee Roasters
If you’re a coffee aficionado and jonesin’ for some quality caffeine, stop by Cherry Hill Coffee Roasters for a tasting and tour or just to grab some beans to brew at home.

Knifewear Kelowna
Originally from Calgary, this sharp-centric shop offers some of the coolest (and quality) handmade Japanese knives you can track down in North America. Test one out in the store and you’ll feel like how a ninja must feel when a ninja cut carrots.

Probably the best restaurant in town (without being pretentious) with a reasonable price point, the menu here toes the line between rustic and elegant, and will likely be one of the best meals you’ll have all fall. In lieu of traditional bartenders, RuaDZ “liquid chefs” create some killer cocktails as well.

Urban Distilleries
Save the winery tours for quality time/anaesthesia with your in-laws and check out this small batch distillery instead. Their award-winning liquor is so smooth and sippable; it’simpossible to leave without buying a bottle. (I’d recommend the Spirit Bear Gin — liquid gold)

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