Video: GTA V: Michael. Franklin. Trevor.

Mark your calendars: September 17, 2013, we stop publishing for about a week while we play GTA V (editor’s note: if that’s the case, then September 18 is when we cull our staff).

Anyway, we can’t stop watching this awesome new trailer for GTA V, which showcases one of the coolest features of the game: you’re going to be switching between three characters. Michael, a self-destructive middle-aged father, Franklin, a gang-banger, and Trevor, a hillbilly psychopath, all against the backdrop of opulent, delusional Los Angles. Or Los Santos. Whichever.

Early media reports indicate that the game will have extreme sports, character swapping, scuba-diving, wildlife, helicopters, ambient missions, reworked combat mechanics, and yet unveiled multiplayer.

[youtube width=”640″][/youtube]

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