Interview: Lara Jean Chorostecki

Lara Jean Chorostecki stars as Freddie Lounds, the snooping tabloid blogger, in NBC’s compelling thriller Hannibal. What’s compelling about it? Even though I’ve read Red Dragon and saw the film, I manage to forget that particular detail while watching Hannibal.

Chorostecki can also been seen in the upcoming comedy Please Kill Mr. Know It All, where she plays an advice columnist who ends up the target of assassination. The film is currently hitting the festival circuit, and is an official selection of the Canadian Film Festival, the Windsor International Film Festival, and the Montreal World Film Festival.

Is the mood on the set of Hannibal as creepy as the show?

Not at all. There are moments which require a good deal of concentration, but I think, when you delve into such dark matter, you need to maintain some sense of levity on set. The cast and crew of Hannibal are some of the kindest people I have met, and we had more than a few laughs in between takes.

What attracted you to Please Kill Mr. Know It All?

The script was so quirky and unique, and the character of Sally was wonderfully written. I like to think of her as a mix of Meg Ryan from the 90s rom coms, and Diane Keaton a la Annie Hall. She was a delight to delve into daily during that shoot.

Any concern that you’re being typecast into the role of “writer in a murder story”?

I never considered that! If anyone has seen both the film and the show, they’ll know how different those two characters are. They share vocations, but that’s about it. I’ve been really blessed in my career so far to play vastly different characters, and Freddie and Sally are no exception.

If you could play any part, under any director, what would they be?

Nina in Chekov’s The Seagull, under Sam Mendes.

What’s your favourite cocktail?

I’m a Scotch girl. Single malt. Talisker.

This is a test