Beer Arcade

When we were young, arcade games awarded us with a high score, or, if we were lucky, a ream of crappy tickets to be traded in for whoopee cushions of dubious durability.

Now that we’re older (and have more disposable income than a roll of quarters), arcade prizes have improved considerably with the introduction of McKinney Ten Percent’s Beercade.

Created for Big Boss Brewing Company, the Beercade is a bespoke take on the classic-style arcade game, though it takes cups instead of a quarter. Two players then battle it out in an old school fight game (also created specifically for Big Boss). After three rounds, the winner takes the beer.

So, what’s the chance that 2013’s greatest video game (yeah, we’re calling it now, unless the next Nintendo pours whisky, which we doubt) will come to Canada? Considering that puritans control liquor distribution in Ontario and most other provinces, next to nil. Go for it, Alberta; you’re our only hope.

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