The Modern Man’s Guide to Coffee Table Magazines

By now, we all know the John Waters quote: “If you go home with somebody and they don’t have books, don’t [redacted] them.” While we believe we’re exceptions to rules both prudish and chaste, being literate never hurt nobody. Recommending a bookshelf’s worth of reading material would be as exhaustive as reading the texts on the list itself, so let’s flesh out a palatable blend of magazines every man should have—to display strategically on, say, a highly trafficked table around the home.

Unless and until we purchase a house built around a giant bookshelf, these will have to do.


Canadian-bred magazine Inventory keeps tabs on the icons and influencers behind noteworthy brands, emphasizing strong journalism and visuals; foregrounding craftsmanship and culture; and curating an irreplaceable sense of style and quality. Read to learn more about the driving forces behind menswear and well-made goods. Available here


London’s very own quarterly men’s magazine, Port, looks to elegantly inform its readership about contemporary architecture, film, business, literature and comedy. This publication aims to celebrate the achievements of iconic industry experts, while also satiating the savvy curiosity of men worldwide. Available here


A compendium of essays, recipes and interviews, Kinfolk is an adventure in and of itself—neatly bound and artfully designed out of Portland, OR. Tailored to foodies and emerging design, the content looks to capture the idea of ‘quality time’—between friends, family, lovers, as well as a reader and his literature of choice. Available in stores across Canada


This magazine looks to deconstruct the idea of picturesque interior design: “A real living space is made from living, not decorating.” Five years running, the people at Apartamento interview artists, photograph their homes, exhibit new furniture, and feature personal essays about the concept of “home.” Available here

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