Best Makeshift Office Spaces

The nine-to-five is dead, and the office is dying. The time, money and environmental cost of commuting, coupled with the ease of virtual communication, means that many folks can easily work from home. But sometimes a bed, a fridge or a TV can be too tempting. Here are some Wi-Fi enabled spots to hunker down in.

Steve Nash Sports Club
Grab a Jugo Juice and settle into a leather couch in the club’s Urban Essentials Internet Lounge. It’s members only, but click here for a free weeklong pass. 610 Granville St., 604-682-5213.

Libby’s Kitchen
No one will find you at this cozy café tucked away by Trout Lake. Stay a while and enjoy the hippy vibe – and the tasty Eastsider curry wrap. There are lots of power outlets and a strong, fast wireless connection. 3429 Porter St., 604-874-5547.

Chill Winston
This spacious, stylish Gastown lounge – the site of the writing of this story – offers big tables – and the perfect reward: an imperial-sized beer and a buttermilk-fried chicken sandwich. 3 Alexander St., 604-288-9575.

Vancouver Public Library Central Branch
The main branch of the VPL offers all kinds of nooks and crannies, thanks to its Colosseum-like architecture. You’ll need a library card to log on, but apparently our tax dollars have got it covered. 350 West Georgia St., 604-331-3603.

Radha Yoga & Eatery
This Zen centre is the antithesis of the hectic office. Set up shop in the lounge; after 6 p.m., you can nourish your mind with some of the eatery’s raw, vegan foods. 728 Main St., 604-605-0011.

Help us create a map of Vancouver’s top Wi-Fi enabled makeshift offices. Where is your favourite office away from home?

Image courtesy of DeaPeaJay on Flickr

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