Montreal’s Best Vintage Clothing Shops

Your natural good looks can only take you so far; truth is, you also need some stylish duds to complete the package. But keeping that wardrobe razor-sharp can get pricey. Thankfully, there’s a better way: Shop vintage. It’s a heck of a lot better than searching high and low for that fake-distressed biker jacket. Here, Montreal’s top vintage shops.

Village des Valeurs is the big boy. With the exception of the Jean Talon location, its nine other Montreal outposts are remote enough to repel the hipsters – which means a bounty of soon-to-be ironic T-shirts awaits.

Fripe-Prix Renaissance is another big boy, with nine branches that put profits towards professional training programs for the needy. So you can score a shockingly affordable cardigan while also helping your fellow man.

La Gaillarde specializes in recycled threads, as local designers make new and improved shirts, Bermudas and pants with yesterday’s unwanted clothes. They also host monthly fashion shows. 4019 Notre Dame St. W., 514-989-5134.

Memento offers a meticulously organized selection of new and vintage duds; it’s perhaps the best menswear stock in the Plateau. It’s a price point or two up from Value Village, but Memento’s slick double-breasted suits, tuxedo shirts, fedoras and cuff links are still a deal. 3678 St. Denis St., 514-843-8391.

Eva B is centrally located, and crazy busy; high turnover means there are always new finds, from funky polyester shirts to cowboy boots – and that’s not even the costume rental section. There’s also new clothing by local designers, a café and a consignment counter. 2013 St. Laurent Blvd., 514-849-8246.

Image courtesy of Bondidwhat on Flickr.


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  1. PLEASE do not go to Memento. We just had a dangerous altercation with the man who owns it – an elderly man who was aggressive and is entirely biased on who is and isn’t allowed into his store.

  2. The owner of Memento is crazy! I’ve never encountered anyone as agressive. My mother and I were kicked out of the store for “hauling” on the clothes (i.e. moving the hangers) He actually said to get out of his store and that he would “f*** me up the a**”!!! and came out of the store and yelled at us down the street. He really scared my poor mom who was visiting from out of town. He ruined the rest of our vacation day.

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