Calgary’s Bespoke Cocktails

Rye and coke, gin and tonic – we’ve been there and done that. Yes, there is beauty in simplicity, but it’s time to start ordering a quality drink that involves some labour. Whether you’re sipping on an old fashioned before dinner, out for some Manhattans with friends or embracing a whiskey sour for liquid courage on a first date, it’s undeniable that cocktail culture is growing in Calgary.

Here are a trio of unique, handcrafted summer cocktails created by three of the city’s hottest spots.

Apple Shrub @ Commonwealth
Commonwealth Bar and Stage offers a menu of signature bourbon-fueled drinks for their late night dancing crowds. Here, the Apple Shrub is made with Maker’s Mark bourbon, grapefruit bitters, lemon, soda and ginger simple syrup. It’s about as cool as you can get on a hot summer night.

Beet Lemonade @ Model Milk
Who says pink lemonade can’t be manly? There is no embarrassment in sipping this fluorescent pink number at Model Milk. The Beet Lemonade packs an unsuspecting punch of gin masked by honey water, fresh lemon juice and the sweetness of roasted beets. Oddly delicious and definitely worth a try.

Brett Ashley @ Ox and Angela
Known for it’s upscale Latin flare, Ox opened its doors last summer with a custom cocktail list. Since drink titles are always better with a story, Ox’s cocktail, Brett Ashley, is inspired by the main character from the popular Ernest Hemmingway novel, ‘The Sun Also Rises’. The patio here is small, but if you manage to snag a seat you might as well stay all night.

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