The Modern Man Cooks with Beer: Crispy Newcastle Wings

The quickest route to anyone’s heart (or at least their bedroom) — man or woman alike — is by battering them into submission with unholy quantities of food. This is, of course, followed closely by alcohol. It’s why we drink it, and it’s why we cook with it. I first chatted … Read More

John Catucci Makes Gnocchi

Not as smooth in the kitchen as you are at the bar picking up the ladies, right? Right? We’re here to help. Some of the country’s top foodies have offered their culinary inspiration — because there’s nothing sadder than leftover Chinese food on a dark, winter’s night. Heard of John Catucci? … Read More

4 Dangerous Movember Foods

Whether you’re already rocking a full Tom Selleck or have barely entered the Ugly Geraldo stage, the culinary world is filled with delicious yet insidious items that can turn your handsome, follically-enhanced self into the joke of the dinner table. Fortunately, Top Chef Canada veteran, Vancouver-based restauranteur and fellow Movember supporter, … Read More

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