Calgary’s YYC Taste the Trucks

The City of Calgary couldn’t ask for much better a turnout for its launch of the YYC Food Trucks Pilot Project last year: the streets were lined with mouth-watering sauces, spicy noodles and stick-to-your-belly ribs.

The collaborative effort with various BRZs, food trucks and vendors was a first for Calgary, and was billed as a way to bring street food culture to the city.  It worked. Whether they’re parked in Olympic Plaza or out front of your office, you’re sure to find cuisine worth its weight in waxpaper from these amazing eateries on wheels.

Making tracking down your fave trucks easy, you can now scout them, follow them, book them and join them via YYCFoodTrucks.

And later this summer, you can find them all in one place at the first annual YYC Taste the Trucks festival along Stephen Avenue.

Top picks:

Fiasco Gelato Truck
This truck’s authentic, rich Italian ice cream kicks summertime cravings into high gear, all year round. You can’t go wrong with a scoop of chocolate diablo, avocado lime or Indian chai gelato. Or, if artisan dairy-free sorbetto is more your style, the raspberry lime and pomegranate flavours are so fresh, the fruit literally pops in your mouth.

Fries & Dolls
Gluten-free and french fries in the same sentence.  Give it up to Fries & Dolls for making this a must-try side to their juicy smokies. Both are a delicious treat to go. Another bonus: Served in style out of the can’t miss it hot-pink truck.

JoJo’s BBQ
This “true-blue” Southern-style barbecue truck serves up loads of beef from its Chariot of Smoke, a converted 30-foot motorhome. Don’t walk away from the window without sampling the smoky, saucy, tender ribs, slaw and pickled onions.

The Naaco Truck
Take Indian food in one hand, Mexican in the other and clap. Dishes to try: butter chicken or beef vindaloo naacos with mango chips and a side of chutney. Can we say “spice sensation?”

Perogy Boyz
While these guys have all the traditional fillings and sides, it’s the duck, Mexican beef and carrot-cake fillings that keeps loyal fans coming back for more.

Image courtesy of YYCFoodTrucks

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