Comfort Food in Calgary

Whether you’re hungover, depressed or just hungry, nothing offers comfort like some good old-fashioned diner food. Where else will servers call you ‘hon’ and force pie down your throat? Here are the best Cowtown diners for your dollars.

Diner Deluxe
It’s worth waiting in the often-lengthy lineups for unusual specialties like Alberta Buffalo Burgers and pink peppercorn mayo. Highlight: Veal meatloaf with Dijon mashed potatoes, red pepper jelly and pan gravy. Mains, $4.25 – $16.95. 804 Edmonton Trail NE, 403-276-5499.

Blackfoot Truckstop Restaurant
This 24-hour institution has been serving hungry locals and truck drivers for over 50 years. Highlight: Homemade farmer sausage; sky-high flapper pie. Mains, $3.25 – $14.50. 1840 9 Ave. SE, 403-265-5964.

Galaxie Diner
Galaxie channels the 1950s LA feel with its long serving counter, vintage stools and other-worldly milkshakes. , Highlight: The omelette! Pick one or a dozen fillings and pay the same price. Mains, $8 – $14. 1413 11th St. SW, 403-228-0001.

Kings Restaurant
The Chinese-run diner, offering both Chinese and diner-style food, is a prairie staple, and now, a dying breed. Highlight: The Classic Original Wor Wonton soup is a local favourite for good reason. Mains, $5 – $10.79. 104 Meridian Rd. NE, 403-272-2332.

Husky Truck Stop
If the quality of a diner could be measured in the number of 18-wheelers in the parking lot, then this 24-hour spot takes the cake – or pie, as it were. Highlight: Perfectly tangy and fluffy lemon meringue pie. Mains, $8 – $14. 2525 32 Ave. NE, 403-291-1233.

Image courtesy of Daniel Green on Flickr.

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