Dial For Booze

Say you’re getting ready for a party and don’t have time hit the LCBO or The Beer Store. Or you’re just plain lazy. You can get booze delivered right to your doorstep.

Yes, in Toronto the Good!

Several local entrepreneurs have special liquor delivery licenses from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) to purchase booze from government stores to deliver to residences only. Most are open seven days a week, operate for cash-on-delivery, keep the same hours as The Beer Store, and check for ID upon delivery.

At the forefront is the Ontario-wide Dial-A-Bottle (416-252-0707). According to Co-owner (and lucky s.o.b.) Glen Vardy, it’s the world’s largest beer and liquor delivery service company. They deliver in under an hour for an $8 service charge. It’s so successful they’re selling franchises now.
Refund empties: Yes. Either with full-refund coupons, or 50% back.
Payment method: Cash only.

Cheers Express (416-502-0000) opened in 1989. They deliver within the hour – only in the GTA – and also charge $7 to $8, depending on the location. They’re open seven days a week.
Refund empties: Yes, $1 per dozen.
Payment method: VISA or cash.

There’s only one LCBO in the GTA that offers home delivery: LCBO Store #186 (416-241-3018) at Sheridan Mall in North York. And if you’re a Steam Whistle loyalist, good news: they do home deliveries.

Check out the Yellow Pages to find more local booze delivery services in your area.

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