Double Barrel 2-Gallon Home Brewing Kit

Want to take your home brewing to the next level with some experimentation, or maybe even secondary fermentation? Then the Double Barrel 2-gallon home brewing kit ($279) is for you. The wood can be American cherry, pine, mahogany, or reclaimed wood, and it holds two one gallon glass fermenters and eight reusable blue flip-top bottles. Oh, and you can monogram it, if you want. The kit also includes an auto-siphon, a 2” stainless steel funnel, drilled rubber stoppers, two 3-piece plastic airlocks, a laboratory thermometer, a glass jar, a 3-foot length of 3/8” tubing, a recipe book, a brewers log, and instructions. Actually, this would be a sweet kit to get started with home brewing too.

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