Eat Whole Grains, Live Longer

Score one for the fussy health nuts: eating oatmeal in the morning is really good for your health. How good? It’ll reduce your risk of death between five and nine per cent.

A study published in JAMA: Internal Medicine followed more than 100,000 people for more than fourteen years, noting their diets and mortality. Everyone who enrolled (back in 1984) was healthy, but more than 26,000 had died by 2010.

Those most protected from mortality consumed the most whole grains, including quinoa, brown rice, and porridge. Researchers found that for every twenty-eight grams (or one ounce) of whole grains eaten per day, the risk of mortality was decreased by 5%, and the risk of a heart-related death decreased by 9%.

Of course, the kind of person who eats whole grains for breakfast tends to also be the kind of person who exercises, eats moderately, and generally takes care of their health. That said, switching to oatmeal is a simple change to make—so hop to it.



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