Eleven Spring Craft Beers

If, like millions of Canadian guys, you’re getting more into craft beer, then I encourage you to do the following: hit the liquor store after work on Friday, pick up each one of these craft beers, and sip the weekend away.

Panil (Italy, 8%)
Nut brown with a hint of red, oak and earth on the nose, sour taste with tart fruits and sweet vinegar.
750 ml, $14.05

Gouden Carolus Tripel (Belgium, 9%)
Hazy gold, apples and malt on the nose, the sweetness of pears and citrus overrides the bitterness of hops on the tongue; the alcohol is well disguised.
330 ml, $3.05

La Divine St Landelin (France, 8.5%)
Copper, aroma of overripe fruit, sour honey that sits thickly in the mouth.
750 ml, $8.25

St Feuillien Grand Cru (Belgium, 9.5%)
Pale white with a prominent head, light aroma of bread and fruit, complex taste of sweet grains, cloves, grass, and honey. Light isn’t a strong enough word; it practically evaporates on the tongue. If you only buy one beer this year, pick St Feuillien Grand Cru.
330 ml, $3.50

8 Wired HopWired IPA (New Zealand, 7.3%)
Light orange, lime zest joins hops on the nose, fruity hops across the palate, with a metallic aftertaste.
500 ml, $6.00

Thornbridge Jaipur IPA (UK, 5.9%)
Pale yellow, citrus and hops on the nose, tropical fruits, pine needles, and hops across the palate, although surprisingly mild.
500 ml, $4.95

Lakefront Bridge Burner (USA, 8%)
Opaque amber, roast nuts overpower hopes on the nose, slight citrus offsets bitterness and a hint of espresso.
650 ml, $5.50

Abbaye des Rocs Grand Cru (Belgium, 9.5%)
Dark brown with lasting head, malt, caramel, and anise on the nose, the taste follows the nose, along with light smokiness and raisins. Don’t be put off by the bad artwork.
330 ml, $3.25

Chaman Imperial Pale Ale (Canada, 9%)
Cloudy amber, aroma of sweet caramel and floral hops, unexpected grapefruit flavours contrast with toasted malt. Again, don’t’ be put off by the bad artwork.
4×341 ml, $12.90

Les Trois Mousquetaires Maibock (Canada, 8%)
Pale straw, bread and herbs on the nose, sweet caramel and toasted cereals on the tongue.
750 ml, $6.90

Kehnhenn Fourth Dementia Aged (USA, 13.5%)
Dark brown, nearly maple syrup, caramel, toffee, and figs on the nose, caramel and black liquorice on the tongue. Something of a dessert beer.
355 ml, $7.95

Dave Robson is the editor of DailyXY. He spends his time reading books, drinking Scotch, and smoking cigars. 

Photo courtesy of HeadCRasher.

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