Get Your Game On: Superbowl XLII

The final game of the NFL season is upon us. Here’s a guide to a few Superbowl Sunday destinations should you want to get out of the house and right into the middle of the action – with beer, wings, and more TVs than you can shake a stick at.

Hungry Man’s Buffet: SoHo Bar & Grill offers a great option for the big day: a big screen, plenty of plasmas, and a hungry man’s buffet and two buds for $25. 801 – 6 St. SW., (corner of 9 Ave. and 6 St.)

A Gentleman’s Sunday: The 4th Annual Gentlemen’s Gala
is being held at the Roadhouse. Entry is $20, but if you splurge and spend $100 you get a personal server, front row seating in a Lazy Boy, and a prime rib dinner. 840 – 9 Ave. SW.

The Big Screen: Schanks Athletic Club is where you go for the big screen, or as one regular patron notes, the “giganticsoraus screen.” 2 locations: 9627 MacLeod Trail South and 103 Crowfoot Terrace NW.

TV Heaven: The Garage Sports & Billiards
at the Eau Claire Market will be broadcasting the game on its 26 TVs, complete with all the American commercials. They’ll have drink specials and the standard pub fare.

If you think 26 TVs aren’t enough, head over to Melrose on 17th Ave. SW. The food is good, it has three levels, and we lost count of the TVs after 36.

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