Interview: Maker Pizza’s Shlomo Buchler

Once the purview of fast food and discount joints, pizza in North America has gone gourmet in a big way over the past decade. Double zero flour, locally sourced cheeses, ovens imported from Italy—it seems like there’s no detail too small to be obsessed over.

Here’s our new obsession: Maker Pizza. Located on Cameron Street, just off Queen & Spedina, Maker Pizza serves up gourmet pies designed by bro-chef Matty Matheson, along with sandwiches, salads, and oh so many puns.

Anyway, we spoke to owner Shlomo Buchler about Maker Pizza, and he had this to say.

I can’t think of a food Torontonians take more seriously than pizza. What’s it like to compete in that kind of atmosphere?

“It’s very exciting. Pizza is big business. Be it delivery, take out or dine in. There are some fantastic dine in options in the downtown core. But with the exception of some of the great old school pizzerias, the delivery and take out game leaves something to be desired. We see an opening there with huge upside potential. It’s incredible to see how people react to our product, a product we absolutely obsess over. It must be made perfect or it must be made again. If we stick to our motto, the odds for success look promising.”

Why’d you decide to deliver with your own people rather than go with a third-party food currier?

“We have not fully eliminated the third party currier as an option. It simply has to be the right fit. Our in-house drivers are an essential part of the process. Not only because they ensure the quality of the product after it leaves Maker, but also because they become the face of Maker when interacting with the client. Customer service is as important to us as our product. It’s all part of the Maker experience.”

What’s your favourite pizza on the menu?

“My favourite pizza is the Siena Margherita. It’s pizza in its purest form. It’s the one pizza that really allows us to showcase our dough and sauce, which both receive great care and attention to detail. The Siena Margherita is the foundation of our business. I like it so much, I named it after my daughter.”


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