5 Tips to a Better Office Holiday Party

Here’s a fun party game: ask a group of people to describe the very worst party they ever attended. Misery loves company, after all. And in between the stories of awkward high school shenanigans, alcohol-soaked frat parties, and dry as a bone weddings, we’d wager a tray of canapés that at least one person is going to describe an office holiday party that took place in staff room at 4PM on the Friday before Christmas, possibly featuring a box of doughnuts and an eighties mix tape.

Here’s the thing, though: it doesn’t have to be this way.

For a better holiday party, we spoke with Anthony Annunziata, VP of marketing over at the Marriot Gateway on the Falls. He had this to say:

Change the scenery

“Get out of the office. Your staff and co-workers would appreciate a change of scenery, so find a venue that can accommodate your guests.”

Extend the Invitation

“Invite spouses and significant others. Use the Christmas party to encourage more collegiality between colleagues. It’s a chance to build new and stronger friendships.”

Eat Well

“Provide good food. Give serious consideration to the food that will be served. Pick a good menu, and it sets the tone for a good evening.”

Plan the Details

“Consider audio-visual needs. Coming near the end of the year, Christmas is a good time to reflect on the past twelve months, highlight accomplishments of your employees, and share some laughs with some of the funnier stories that have happened in the workplace. Questions that need to be asked: Will doing so require projector and screen, or a microphone and loudspeaker? Is the party just dinner and drinks, or will there be DJ music and dancing?”

Safety First

“Be safe. You want your staff to enjoy themselves, so think about how they will get home if they have been drinking. Look for a venue that is accessible by public transit or taxis, or even consider booking hotel rooms.”



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