Mixologist: Thanksgiving Caesar

How do you take the edge off (or put the edge on, for that matter) a good thanksgiving family get-together? Cocktails, that’s how. Check out this Caesar:


1 oz. gin (want to keep it Canadian? Try Dillon’s)
2 dashes Sriracha
3 dashes Worchestershire sauce
1 oz. cranberry juice
3 oz. Clamato (again, keep it Canadian: Mott’s)
Cracked salt and pepper
Garnish with turkey, cheese, cranberries, and rosemary


Rim a highball glass with cracked salt and pepper. Fill it with ice and then each of the liquid ingredients in the order above. Stir, and then garnish if you’re feeling adventurous. Protip: make a big ‘ol pitcher of this, along with a bunch of skewers, before company arrives. That way, you can keep drinks circulating and Auntie Gladys can’t buttonhole you at the bar.

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