Mixologist: The Ultra-Dry Vodka Martini

Ah, the martini: the most elegant cocktail around and the most hotly debated icon of the cocktail world. Gin or vodka? Shaken or stirred? Wet or dry?

Today, our answers are vodka, stirred, and dry. Very dry. We still have some Luksusowa vodka left over from Mother’s day, and since it has a clean, crisp taste, we’re making a martini.

Interestingly, for the end of July and beginning of August, Luksusowa is including an atomizer with their vodka at the LCBO, the idea being that you can fill it with dry vermouth. Don’t live in Ontario? Don’t worry—plenty of online vendors sell empty atomizers, typically for perfume, but we think that booze is a better option. A couple sprays are enough to coat the inside of the glass, making for a very dry martini indeed. As always, vermouth needs to be stored in the refrigerator.


2 oz. vodka
.25 to .50 oz. dry vermouth
Olive, onion, or lemon twist


Fill a shaker with ice and the vodka. Stir. In a chilled martini glass, pour the vermouth (or 2-3 sprays of the atomizer), then strain the vodka in to the glass. Garnish with your choice of an onion, olive, or lemon twist.

Photo courtesy of cowfish

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