Steak Wrapping Paper

If we had our way, every single gift we’d give would be steak. Sadly, steak is an often impractical gift: it rots when out of the fridge, it attracts wild animals, and, bafflingly, some people don’t like steak.

So, here’s the next best thing: steak patterned wrapping paper. Brought to you by the brain trust behind cheeseburger wrapping paper, Gift Couture, steak wrapping paper has nearly met it’s Kickstarter goals.

A couple of patterns are available. The regular steak pattern can be combined with a cutting board pattern, should you be giving several things instead of one thing. If you buy their Grade A set, however, you will also get butcher paper, twine, and meat trays. However, we’d still be tempted to wrap a steak in said paper.

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